Because it is Mobile Made Right!

1. Your journey starts from the app

Register, pick your own number and get the sim delivered* to you all through our tapp app.  

2. Mix and Match your own plan. Have it your way!  

Choose your plan validity and only pay for the Data, Voice and SMS you need.  

3. High speed 4G LTE  

We are running on Digi’s 4G Plus network which has one of the widest coverage in Malaysia. 

4. Take Back Control 

No contract. No hidden charges. If you are an Android user, you can even control which mobile apps uses your data to 

avoid background apps eating up your quota.  

5. Validity Made Easy 

Validity extended by purchasing a plan (i.e. plan duration + 60 days) 

*For Co-branded SIM Pack campaigns, kindly get your SIM from the closest Partner Outlet. More info can be found in the Co-branded SIM Pack Section here