Q1: What is Plusone Connect

A: A co-branded prepaid product by Digi & Senheng that comes with EZ Credit Rebate, deals and more. For further detail, please click here

Q2: Where will it be available?

A: The starter pack will only be available exclusively at Senheng & SenQ stores nationwide.  

Q3: When will it be available?

A: It will be available in all Senheng & SenQ stores starting from 7 October, 2020. 

Q4: What is EZ Credit Rebate? 

A: EZ credit rebate is part of Senheng’s loyalty program where users will get X% credit back to be used to purchase items in Senheng stores. In this case, users will get the rebate based on their mobile usage. 

Q5: Does a user need to have another app to check their EZ credit rebate points? 

A: Yes, user will need to have PlusOne membership (if not yet a member, user can sign-up in store).   Subsequently, user can download Senheng app, login and check their points. The EZ credit rebate points from PlusOne Connect usage will be updated every month. 

Q6: What are the plans available to customers? 

More info here

Q7: Is there a preloaded value in the SIM/starter pack? 

A: No. Senheng staff will assist customers to make a reload & activate one of the plan. Value will only be based on the plan that a customer subscribed to via the app. 

Q8: What are the reload methods? 

A: User can use these methods through the tapp app: 

  • Reload using Digi Vouchers (purchase from Senheng / Digi stores) 
  • Reload via online banking
  • Reload via Credit Card 

Q9: Can user port in to PlusOne Connect? 

A: MNP is currently  not supported.

Q10: Which plan comes with extra 10GB (1pm-7pm) upon subscription? 

A: All 30-days plan (RM28, RM35, RM50 & RM70) comes with extra 10GB (1pm-7pm) up to 10 times / 100GB.  

Example: Customer A


Subscribe to 30-days plan RM28 [6GB + Unlimited calls (PlusOne member) + Unlimited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]

Customer will unlock extra 10GB (1pm-7pm) once.


Subscribe to 30 days plan RM50 [12GB + Unlimited Calls (all networks) + Unlimited Youtube Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]

Customer will unlock extra 10GB (1pm-7pm) once.

So now, customer A has a balance of 9 times to subscribe to a 30-days RM28/RM50 plan respectively that comes with  extra 10GB (1pm-7pm). Same is applicable to the rest of the 30-days plan.